You get busy and you forget to update your own blog

Some things that have been accomplished this week:

  • depression comix’ Facebook page recently passed 500 likes.
  • depression comix’ Tumblr page recently passed 10K followers.
  • depression comix’ main site had it’s best day ever, surpassing 50K pageviews (poor server)

Well, these really didn’t have anything to do with my efforts, per se. The main site got reddit-ed, so that 50K is just a blip. And it took over two years to reach 10K on Tumblr.

What I managed to do this week was put up a couple of new comics (#146 and #147) but they didn’t fare so well on Tumblr.  The more specific ones never seem to do well there.

On the main site, I finished adding clearer rescans up to #90, and the text inside is all searchable. I hope to have most of the rescans and search capability finished by the end of October. It’s a long process, but I think it may be worth it in the end.

Anyways, just a check letting you know I haven’t abandoned this blog (again).

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