Various updates

I started some things that I talked about in the last update. One, I’ve begun to add gallery and slideshows to the site. I’ve created four so far of groups of twenty strips, however, the advanced settings were incompatible with the theme I was using, so I had to change themes. It’s not as atmospheric as the last one, which is kinda too bad. But this one does have a cool carousel thingie and allows me to have widgets on the main page.

Another thing I’ve done is imported the depcom primer from the WordPress site. It’s quite old and rusty but it I think it will do for the time being. I hope to refine it and add some pretty pictures to make it more visually appealing.

And finally, the rescans and search functions for all depcoms are nearly completed, and will probably be polished off on the weekend.

I know none of this matters to anyone, but I do want to improve the site in a big way. All suggestions welcome. Thank you.

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