Recent developments

Well, some bad news happened to me, the company is restructuring and I am being pushed to a new department, one that has terrible hours and coinides with my part-time job, which I will have to quit.

What this means is that financially I take a bit of a blow. There’s also talk of reducing salaries so that’s something else to consider.

Although I am not happy about this in the least, there might be a silver lining in this in that it may be what I need to push me to make online comicking my part time job, and I would enjoy that more than my part time job. The question is, is it possible? Can I replace my part time job by doing depression comix and related work?

That’s a good question, and maybe now is the opportunity to find out. Unfortunately, with the traffic I have now, it’s not steady enough to be a reliable source of income. When Iwas linked by i09 I received over $50 that week in Google Adsense, but the following week it died down so now my average is about $0,50/day.

To add to all the problems, the display on my laptop is dead, I can only get it to work by conecting a HDMI cable to it from my TV, which is not an optimal solution. I will have to buy a new computer very soon.

These problems will have to be solved. The last thing I want to do is give up comicking now that I’m slowly making a comeback. I will have to find ways to make this work.

3 thoughts on “Recent developments

  1. I think there is a bit of a mess in your online presence. Fixing some of this may help revenue.
    For example.. the comic is posted in several places but there are ads only in one place.
    And another thing – all those nice explanations from the blog do not appear in the official depressioncomix site. I think they are really important and make everything much more personal. And on the other hand – this blog, which is very interesting, is very hard to reach. It is the last item on the menu.

    • The problem with ads is that you need permission from an ad dispensing company to do it, and they are rather strict on what kinds of sites they will put their ads on. Currently I use Google AdSense and they would only agree to allow me to use their service if I cleaned up a bit and removed a possibly offending illustration (that now appears here, making this site very unlikely for AdSense to approve this site. As for the mirrors of depcom on social networks, I will never be able to get permission to post ads there, my only hope is to use those social networks to drive traffic here where I do have permission.

      Commentary does not appear on the main depcom site because I want the reader to come to their own conclusions about what the strip is about and post their thoughts. On the claycomix site, which is more of a portfolio, I think what the artist is thinking is more appropriate here.

      This blog is intentionally hard to reach because I do talk about previous work, and I fear that talking about projects like Sexy Losers may harm the linkability of depcom — I think fewer people will link to depcom if it is associated with Sexy Losers by only a couple of clicks. If I were to make this more visible, I think I would be tempted to say a lot less.

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