Not much to say, but I’ll say it anyways

Just doing some work on the depression comix site. Rescans have been done up until #118, although only up to #100 appears on the site. Once the rescans are done I’ll be going on to the problem of making the site more accessible to beginners. There are a couple of options here I’d like to try.

One is to come up with a set of consistent tags. I was doing this on the mirror but keeping them consistent was a problem because I hadn’t planned them from the beginning. Now that I have nearly 150 comics to look at, choosing a set and applying it will be easier than making them up as I go along.

A second is the navigation problem. To solve this, I’m thinking of creating slideshows, so that people can read a bunch of strips without much clicking or scrolling involved.

Third, I’ve been thinking of creating a kind of “primer” in comic strip format. Here is a sketch of a sample, although it’s pretty rough:


Obviously I have to work on this idea more but the idea is to create a series that look at depression from a more clinical perspective, which would be a starting point for those who want to read the series.

I guess the problem is now that there are too many strips and the organization is random. It needs a starting place, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to give it one.

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