I sold something

Today is a historic day for me because I actually sold something.

The last time I sold something was back in 2000. It was a coffee mug with Mike from the Thin H Line (later renamed Sexy Losers). I sold two, and I didn’t make a profit at all (it was on Cafe Press, and they were pretty stingy about giving money at the time).

Today I just sold a t-shirt that had an unused design on it from our company’s drinking team. It came on the same day I got a message from my host saying I used too much CPU and billed me extra. So everything balances out.

Although it’s just one sale, it is my first sale in a long long time, and is a huge confidence booster. If I could sell more stuff that I create, then that would help, especially at a time when my full time job is in serious trouble due to restructuring.

I think I’m going to start focusing a bit more on merchandise. For the three people who I think are reading this blog (I think I can count the NSA), please tell me what you would buy — a print of a comic, etc, and I’ll see what I can do (simple things — I don’t have the ability to put together a book yet. Maybe an ashcan however).


6 thoughts on “I sold something

  1. I love seeing you active again, Clay!

    Ebooks of Sexy Losers would of course be top, but understandably a lot of work. Maybe in comic book format, a couple dozen strips for a few bucks, every month or two.

    Prints of, hm, the first suicide girl strip? The trouble is finding single strips that can be displayed without being called a pervert. A pervert is an eccentric with smut on his wall.

    • I’ve been thinking about the e-books thing, but I think I need help with that in terms of getting started. Is there an E-books for dummies or something like that? The nice thing about WordPress is that I could put in the eCommerce infrastructure to sell e-books. I’m also thinking of home made ashcans of depcom, that might be fun to do.

  2. Just wanted to congratulate! Used to follow SL back in the day, and just started to read up on the archives of depression comix (some of them hit really close to home.)

    A comic collection seems like an “obvious” item, I think prints and t-shirts would also do well.

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