depression comix #148 in progress


Done inking the next comic, but a copier glitch prevented me from being able to color it.

This comic has a cassette tape recorder in it. I wonder if half the audience will know what that is.

I’ve also spent my train time watching Cheers and Night Court episodes. Somewhere, it will always be Thursday night on NBC.

3 thoughts on “depression comix #148 in progress

  1. I wonder about those times in your life and other people’s lives where for a moment someone around them was able to give them some comfort or relief. There are tons of comics here about the alienation of depression (rightly so), but I wonder if you can give more insight into what others can do for people who are suffering.

    • There are a couple of comics here and there that kind of give advice, for example the second panel of and (where it says just listening helps). You’re right, I should do more on this, it’s more challenging to say what one should do rather than what one shouldn’t do and I’ve shied away from this challenge.

      We’ve been friends for almost a decade and a half and I will tell you your presence alone helps immensely. I have lost a lot of friends over the years — a lot of really good ones — and the fact that we still contact each other means a lot. I don’t know if I have helped you at all but knowing you’re there is always comforting. Perhaps there’s a comic in that :)

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