5 Abandoned Plotlines in Sexy Losers

Occasionally when I was doing Sexy Losers I would try to shake things up a bit, to try to create new situations for possible comedy. Not everything was successful, and occasionally I would begin something I would never finish (much like Sexy Losers itself). As drawing the strip became more difficult, I started to abandon more and more. Recently I was able to close a couple of abandoned plot lines like the Gender Incrmination thread and the Shiunji and the Suicide Girl, as well as begin a new thread featuring Mrs. Shibata and Kenta (3 strips finished, 4th one being pencilled now). However, here are five plot lines that got started and I just abandoned to the wind and probably leave that way.

5. Miho’s Shit-eating Family

I got as far as the first strip on this one. The idea was, Miho’s family were traditional coprophagists, and believed the daughter, Miho, should follow likewise in her dating preferences. Her new boyfriend was not into eating feces, but appears for dinner bringing a vintage bottle of human urine. From there, the strip would have become a satire of religious intolerance. I thought this would be pretty funny, but I lost the enthusiasm of getting there when the first strip received a (rightfully so) tepid response. It probably would have picked up steam at some point had it gone into the satire I wanted it to be, but I didn’t want to invest any more into the strip.

4. Mark Fails Becoming A Jerking Jedi

I had gotten a couple of strips into this thread, where Mark decides that he wants to sign up for his roommate’s wank classes so he can learn to jerk off. It was going to be a deep Empire Strikes Back parody as you can see from one of the strips where I nearly rip off the movie line for line. In the end, Mark fails every test, offends people, and loses his girlfriend in the process. There are several strips that were storyboarded and never got past that stage, but who knows, this thread may still have life in it yet. Mike stories tend to write themselves and this one was no different.

3. Mrs. Shibata Gets Arrested For Murder

In the Natsuki storyline, there was one strip where Mr. Shibata buys surveillance equipment so he can enjoy watching his wife and Natsuki get it on. There was an actual point to this strip and the existence of the recording equipment. Immediately following the death of Natsuki, the tapes were to be confiscated and used as evidence in court against Mrs. Shibata, who is charged with murder. Fortunately for Mrs. Shibata, the tapes are so incredibly sexy the jurors let her go hoping for a sequel. This one didn’t continue because after Natsuki died, I was kind of sick of the series and didn’t want it to continue.

2. Sex In the Industry

At some point in the series, Sexy Losers was to have been bought out and reformatted to get rid of the grosser strips and focus more on the sexy. The new owners would reassemble the cast and create a roommates kind of strip called Sex In the Industry with Madame X (the sex artist), Chie Sakamachi (the sex actress), and Dr. Lovetalk (the sex therapist) living together with hijinks. It was supposed to be a parody of character reboots. I ended up abandoning it because it was a little too ambitious for me at the time, but Chie and Madame X ended up living with each other anyways.

1. A Hentai Made of Glass

This one was actually abandoned two strips away from the eventual punchline. It left off as Cheryl and Jon were getting back together and coming to grips with Cheryl’s orgy porn star past. Jon’s friend Al was to tell him about the incredible sex he was going to get and he should stop complaining, because all he ever did when Jon and Cheryl were together was complain about NOT getting sex. Now he’ll have what he wanted — the beautiful sexy woman and the incredible sex. Finally, when they officially get together over dinner, Cheryl announces that she’s a born again virgin.

What I liked about this series was to show how stupid expectations are in a relationship — if you can’t accept the person for who they are the relationship is screwed. Jon’s inability to accept the person is what makes the relationship fall apart. And his acceptance of her past feels like a painful concession to him instead of a non sequitur as it should have been. If I had more time with the characters and could show it from Cheryl’s side, I would have focused more on how good a person she is, and why accepting an asshole who had dumped her over a stupid rumour makes her the one who is really making a painful concession.