The Fap Is Back

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted here. I’ve been so focused on depcom, that I forgot this was here. The last post on this blog is a post dedicated to blasting the Star Wars franchise, a blog post that actually got me an interview on the BBC. Unfortunately, the post was old and I didn’t really feel like that anymore (not that I like the franchise any more, I care less). But anyways, after two years, it’s definitely time for an update.

There will be more Sexy Losers strips starting in September. I don’t know why, motivation is kicking in or something, but there will be a 15 strip run of comics in the next little while. What will you expect? More of the same. Why do anything new or different.

All of the strips in the next little while have already been written and sketched out. All of the strips are new ones that didn’t appear in the brief Tumblr Thin H Line run except for the conclusion of the Shiunji thread, which I just gotta do at some point.

What to expect:

  • NINE of the strips will be a running thread of the Shibata family. Here’s a preview of a strip currently in production:
    I know, I know, not amazingly funny yet, but that’s as far as I can go for this SFW blog post.
  • Another Clueless Cuckold strip.
  • Gender-reversed Swearing friend from #275 becomes a thing.
  • The Incredibly fertile woman has some children, as usual
  • A Harry Potter fan fiction!
  • Dutch Wife Fairy
  • Mike slappin’ his stick once again
  • The aforementioned Shiunji/Suicide Girl conclusion. I’m redrawing it and putting it in color.

There will probably be more but these are the ones I’m committed to doing. There is a subscribers list on the Sexy Losers site, you can sign up there if you would like the strips sent to your mailbox.

Why the updates? 2016 has been pretty grim. Maybe I can generate a couple laughs and make things a little less serious for people for a few minutes. I think we all need it.