Sorry to keep you waiting …

It’s been a while since I posted and I apologize. I’m a terrible blogger because I always think twice about what I say, and hence, usually delete what I write.

Some good news though.  The income from the site now pays for itself so it’s no longer something that costs me money to maintain. However, I have to admit that this is temporary because as the site attracts new readers, costs will go up accordingly. I’ve had to upgrade the hosting plan in January, and now in February it looks like soon I will have to upgrade once again. But this is manageable, and it looks like with Google AdSense and people’s generous donations, keeping the site alive will no longer be out of pocket.

Now the bad news: the display on my laptop died. I can get it to work by plugging in an HDMI cable to the TV, but this is really annoying. I will have to buy a new computer soon, hopefully by March 31. Japanese sales tax goes up 3% in April, so I will have to consider what kind of computer I need soon.

Other things I have to think about is a redesign of the depression comix site.  There aren’t a lot of good designs for a vertical comic and WordPress isn’t exactly suited for this kind of thing. Which is too bad, I think WordPress is awesome and has a lot of potential but as I said, it’s still not great for comics. There are a couple of comic themes and plug ins but they aren’t that great; there’s a tendency to make comics as custom posts when I think it’s better to have comics as regular posts with additional functionality through custom taxonomies and custom fields. Currently, if you look at the sidebar with the character listings, that’s all done with custom taxonomies tacked on to regular posts.

Another thing I have to think about is what I’m going to do with the site. At first I thought it would be a blog thing where I post everything I do but all I do is related to depcom anyways so lately it’s just been a verbose mirror of that site. I’m thinking of making it just a portfolio site with links to SL and depression comix and get rid of the blog functionality.

Anyways, I’m still alive. I’ve also been blogging at the depression comix blog at , and that’s a strictly depcom blog with no mention of anything else I do artistically (ie Sexy Losers).