I sold something

Today is a historic day for me because I actually sold something.

The last time I sold something was back in 2000. It was a coffee mug with Mike from the Thin H Line (later renamed Sexy Losers). I sold two, and I didn’t make a profit at all (it was on Cafe Press, and they were pretty stingy about giving money at the time).

Today I just sold a t-shirt that had an unused design on it from our company’s drinking team. It came on the same day I got a message from my host saying I used too much CPU and billed me extra. So everything balances out.

Although it’s just one sale, it is my first sale in a long long time, and is a huge confidence booster. If I could sell more stuff that I create, then that would help, especially at a time when my full time job is in serious trouble due to restructuring.

I think I’m going to start focusing a bit more on merchandise. For the three people who I think are reading this blog (I think I can count the NSA), please tell me what you would buy — a print of a comic, etc, and I’ll see what I can do (simple things — I don’t have the ability to put together a book yet. Maybe an ashcan however).


Letters to depcom

Doing depression comix has been incredibly helpful to me in many ways, and it’s wonderful when people tell me that it may have had some positive effect on them. The other day I received this message on Tumblr:

i’d appreciate if you didn’t publish this. i just wanted to say i am extremely thankful for your comic because it is what motivated me to finally see a psychologist. it made me realize and take seriously that what i had been going through might be mental illness, and not just me malingering or “being lazy” or “weak” and whatnot. thank you so much.

(afterwards permission was granted to post this but only under “anonymous”)

This post made me think about how mental illness is perceived as some weakness of the mind, but I believe it takes true courage to go about trying to improve your situation. There are many, many people who do not have a mental illness but cannot do what they need to do to help themselves. Having a mental illness has nothing to do with a lack of courage but it certainly tests it.

I’m glad that the writer decided to get help. It’s a courageous decision and if depression comix helped make that decision in some small way it was worth doing.

Today I received another post, this time sent through the contact form on the depression comix site. This one was sent completely anonymous (you don’t need to put an e-mail address in the contact form).

Your comics helped me see what I was actually feeling and helped inspire me to get help. So thank you for helping me to see that I am not alone, and this isn’t how life really is.

I can’t send a reply to this person but I can thank them here. Thank you.

I myself am inspired by this. And I hope others can be inspired to get help. We don’t need to be alone and we don’t have to do this alone.

Workin’ on the next depcom


I’m in a Tully’s drawing the next depcom. Got it completely inked, just have to color it. This is a very special depression comix because it contains a first: it is the first time a character in the strip uses “depressed”, “depressing”, or “depression”. I’ve been avoiding these words and it’s taken me 144 strips to get over it.

New depcom characters sketch



One of the nice things about drawing a comic like depression comix is that I can add characters here and there and I don’t have to worry about things like names or plots. The characters are completely interchangeable.

I have a couple of comics in the works and I decided I needed some new faces. So here they are. They may change at will.

When I was in the deepest pit of depression, drawing was so painful. Recently it’s become fun again, something I like doing rather than force myself to. You can enjoy things again. It’s possible. I hope none of you have to draw 143 pages of comics to do it.

So Let’s Try This Again

I made the mistake of attempting the multisite feature of WordPress. It seemed like a good idea at the time, I could manage any number of blogs from the same admin panel. The only problem was, if it conked out, it would conk out all my blogs, which is exactly what it did.

I did manage to save the claycomix blog, but when I put it back together none of the links were the same, which killed all the links from Tumblr and Twitter. It also killed all the links within the site itself.

I’ve learned my lesson, and started this again on its own, with no multisite. It’s a pain doing everything again, but it’s my own damn fault.